Great change is upon us. Too long we have looked to others to create our reality; to take responsibility for our health, education, financial wellbeing, moral development and safety. Now as the vulnerabilities of such 'experts' are being exposed, we have on offer the opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves that puts personal fears and greed aside making way for the qualities of compassion, creativity and transparency to drive us beyond the here and now to a reality that, to date, we have deceived ourselves into avoiding. Discover why, and what really lies ahead…



Kindred Spirit get all emotional!

30/04/2014 00:00

More Waves and Shifts...

24/03/2014 16:19

Barnes & Noble take up the cause!

05/03/2014 10:34

'Forgiveness' on the cover of Paradigm Shift magazine!

19/12/2013 12:12
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